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Interpreting / Translation Services

When it comes to software and website  localizaton from English < > Japanese, providing comprehensive service ranging from translation, editing, and proofreading to testing for your localization needs is essential.  With over 20 years of experience and globally-based clients including US, Japan, Europe and Middle East, you can rest assured of the highest quality work delivered on-time wherever you are.  

Collaborative effort by a team of trusted translators is another asset that greatly benefits companies with large projects and short timeframes.  Other services also include transcreation, project management, terminology database creation, and software-bug fixing / reporting.


Language Consulting


Originally from Japan and for over 25 years having lived in Texas, which shares a border with Mexico, has given me a unique sense of understanding, cultural sensitivity, and adaptability.  Language and culture correlate.  Only after being a "champion" of multi-cultural vision, one can truly master language translation.


Occasional nomadic lifestyle by RVing makes work location irrelevant and continues to bring a new set of perspective in real-time.  This first-hand knowledge makes a positive impact on the translation work.   


Prior to becoming a language expert, I co-owned a travel agency which gave me the invaluable platform of being a consecutive interpreter that travels all across the country.


Professional affiliations include membership in Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association (AATIA) and Houston Interpreters and Translators Association (HITA).  



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